The Good Place is one of the most critically acclaimed sitcoms over the past decade. It's wit and goofy jokes make you forget that the show is teaching its audience about ethics. One of the biggest draws of the sitcom is its ability to weave in several blink-and-you'll-miss-it details in the props, costumes, and sets along with several callbacks to previous episodes, whether it'd be in dialogue exchanges or small acting choices.

Even the biggest fans of The Good Place probably haven't spotted every single Easter egg that is out there. Many of them are so subtle or so inside that no one can blame anyone missing them upon first, second, or thirty-ninth viewing of the series. I mean, did you spot the magic panda ever time? Or SNL's Church Lady? Do you even know why Janet (not a girl) wears purple?

Get soaked in your Good Place fandom and learn about some forkin' Easter eggs!

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