8-Year-Old Andy Samberg Predicted His Own Future

A recently unearthed letter from young Andy lists all of the goals adult Andy has already achieved
8-Year-Old Andy Samberg Predicted His Own Future

Andy Samberg saw it coming.

The “Lonely Island” and Saturday Night Live star has been in the comedy zone since he first broke into the mainstream on the lauded late-night sketch show back in 2005. He’s had hit TV shows and hit movies. He put his dick in a box with his buddy Justin Timberlake. The only knock anyone could make on his celebrated comedy career comes from his own 8-year-old self, who we can only imagine saying, “You’re behind schedule.”

Last week on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Samberg appeared to promote his new animated series Digman!, and the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star brought with him a piece of Samberg history courtesy of his mom’s basement — when Samberg was eight years old, he was asked by his teacher to write a letter predicting what his life would be like in 20 years. Samberg, now 44, achieved everything asked of him by his child self and then some:

By our math, when Samberg was 28, he’d already been on SNL for two seasons, but that hyper-specific sum of $1,281,342.42 was likely not yet achieved on his modest featured player’s salary. Today, however, Samberg has a family with harpist Joanna Newsom and their two kids who, Samberg notes, have no need of an allowance with their adoring parents around, and the rest of the goals on his list have been met or exceeded.

Conspicuously absent from the elementary school letter is the goal of, “Make a mega-viral video about premature ejaculation." That one wouldn't come to him until he started sex ed.

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