‘Digman!’ Trailer Shows Andy Samberg Doing Nic Cage Doing Indiana Jones

The teaser also gave us a surprise Smash Mouth serenade
‘Digman!’ Trailer Shows Andy Samberg Doing Nic Cage Doing Indiana Jones

Here we thought National Treasure would be the closest Nicolas Cage ever gets to being in Indiana Jones.

On Wednesday, Comedy Central released the trailer for their newest animated series, an Indiana Jones parody called Digman! starring Andy Samberg doing a familiar impression of someone who definitely isn’t Harrison Ford. Samberg dusted off one of his more popular celebrity impressions from his Saturday Night Live days as he channeled Cage’s breathy intensity with a performance as a down-on-his-luck archaeologist in the teaser.

Samberg’s Cage impression might not belong in a museum, but it certainly belongs on Comedy Central.

My reaction to the trailer can be tracked by three timestamps — five seconds in, I thought, “Oh god, this is definitely his Nic Cage voice.” Thirty seconds later, it was, “Wait, is this ‘All Star’?” After a minute and a half, I thought, “Jesus Christ, they’re really going all the way.” 

The trailer is a profane, absurd and perfect bite to catch the attention of anyone who grew up with Samberg, Smash Mouth, Cage, Indy or all four — yet, it somehow pulls the overwhelming amount of references and external elements together to make an engaging and entertaining teaser.

Digman! will premiere on Comedy Central and Paramount+ on March 22nd, and we’ll be watching to see if Samberg seriously keeps up his Cage voice the entire time. If he keeps talking like that, sooner or later, his voice will get stuck that way — god help his agent if Samberg starts thinking like Cage, too.

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