Seth Meyers Apologizes for Ever Doubting Jason Sudeikis’ ‘Maine Justice’ ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketch

It’s a Cajun courthouse in Bangor, Maine — what logic did he need?
Seth Meyers Apologizes for Ever Doubting Jason Sudeikis’ ‘Maine Justice’ ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketch

Despite what Seth Meyers and Lorne Michaels may believe, logic has about as much of a place in a Saturday Night Live sketch as an alligator in Acadia National Park.

On Thursday night, Late Night with Seth Meyers was graced with the presence of Meyers’ former castmate Jason Sudeikis, who is currently on a press tour promoting the third and final season of his hit Apple TV+ comedy Ted Lasso. Sudeikis and Meyers reminisced on some of the good old days, as well as one of their biggest creative disputes — specifically, an argument over a certain SNL sketch about a Cajun courthouse in Bangor, Maine.

Back in 2012, “Maine Justice” won audiences over with its inexplicable setup of a Louisiana-styled courtroom in the continental U.S.’ northernmost state — but, as Meyers revealed, the show’s head writer and its godfather were initially unsold on the Sudeikis-written and starred sketch. Maine’s honorable Marshall T. Boudreaux set those yankees straight.

Meyers was gracious enough to apologize for his baffling insistence that all SNL sketches are obligated to follow the laws of logic — after all, it’s not like we laugh at Chris Farley playing Matt Foley because we’re delighted by the reasoning behind his living in a van down by the river. Sudeikis said as much in the interview, and clearly, the history books will be written in favor of Sudeikis’ stance after the sketch became a small viral sensation.

Maybe Meyers should take his booklearnin’ down to the Maine bayou and toss it to the gators like a sack of Bangor beignets.

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