Animated Andy Samberg Performances, Ranked

Before ‘Digman!’ there was some dumb movie about storks
Animated Andy Samberg Performances, Ranked

Andy Samberg has had a lot of highs throughout his career — TV’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the underrated Hot Rodthe time he celebrated Jesus’ birthday by inserting his penis into a brightly colored parcel then sang about it. But let’s not ignore Samberg’s contribution to the field of acting that doesn’t require putting on makeup or changing out of Cheeto-stained sweatpants: doing voice work for animated projects. So with Samberg’s newest cartoon project Digman! hitting Comedy Central this week, we’ve decided to rank the most prominent animated Andy Sambergs, beginning with…


Samberg voiced a CGI baby-delivering stork in this feature-length adaptation of the lie parents tell kids in order to avoid talking about sex at all costs.

‘Space Chimps’

NASA’s weird history of routinely murdering monkeys was turned into an animated family adventure, starring Samberg as a chimp confusingly named “Ham.”

‘Hotel Transylvania’

Samberg played Johnny, the human lead in the popular Hotel Transylvania films, who somehow wasn’t violently murdered like 10 minutes into the first movie. 

‘Major Lazer’

A Saturday morning cartoon homage about the fictional exploits of the EDM group of the same name, Major Lazer featured Samberg as the creepy Dr. Nerd, who eventually transforms into the villainous Bass Drop.

‘Bob’s Burgers’

In a Bob's Burgers episode that was basically Cyrano de Bergerac (or, as Louise says, “Cyra-YES de Bergerac”) but with more discussion of horses and used tissues, the object of Tina and Tammy’s desires was Brett (Samberg), a dreamy/dense kid from Bethesda who’s visiting his grandfather.

‘Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs’

In both Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs films, Samberg plays the goofy dum-dum character Brent, who, more often than not, was dressed like a giant chicken.

‘Adventure Time’

In the beloved Cartoon Network series, Samberg memorably played both Party Pat, the philosophical hipster bear throwing a rager in the bowels of a monster, and also Rap Bear, the cuddly teddy who bursts into tears during a rap battle with Finn.


Repurposing his Nicolas Cage impression for a character that is basically a disgraced modern-day Indiana Jones (who still kind of looks like Nicolas Cage) Digman! is a wholly unique show that shows off Samberg’s voice talents. Having seen the first several episodes, this is the gonzo National Treasure sequel that we’ve all craved but that Disney refuses to give us.

‘Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers’

Samberg co-starred with John Mulaney as the titular rodent stars of Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers in last year’s meta twist on the Disney cartoon full of (occasionally shockingly bleak) references. This movie’s appeal seemingly surprised everyone, and Samberg’s performance as the newly-CGI-enhanced Dale was a big reason why this bafflingly worked when it seemed destined to fail.

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