The Totally Mathematical Adventure Time Pitch Bible

The Totally Mathematical Adventure Time Pitch Bible
Adventure Time is the quintessential goofball buddy comedy, and it was every bit as goofy and fantastical when creator Pen Ward was pitching it. Here are some of the most clinically algebraic excerpts from the deck that was used to pitch the show, broken out by:
  • Finn The Human Boy
  • Jake The Dog
  • Princess Bettie Bubblegum
  • Marceline The Vampire Queen
  • The Ice King
  • The Lich King
  • Ooo and The Awesome Fort

ADVENTURE TIME Created by Pendleton Ward wwwwwwwhhuvuu!? Adventure Time is about two close friends: Jake, a wise old dog with a big kind heart, and Fi

FiNN tHe HUMan Boy Even though he doesn't have the skills to win the battle, Finn is a furious little booger when it comes to opposing evil. Finn isn'

A SOMPLE LOTTLE GOOFBALL w Finn takes pleasure in all the standard kid business like making up songs and crashing monster dance parties. And when evil

SPLIT THAT DUDE IN HALF SILLY SERIOUS This kid is nuts. Finn's mind is This kid means buisness. When like a wild goose. He does what Finn grows an cyc

And when Finn isn't being a NUT or performing acts of HEROISM. he takes the time to sit on his rump and appreciate the sublimeness of nature. Simple t

JAKE THE DOG Let's go home buddy. e Im feeling Sad Jake Jake is the confidant, the dependable buddy, the designated driver for when Finn gets all tuck

hm? .h, hello. MAth CRAGKEDCONT

Jake ake has but a wise playful manner about him. His relationship with Finn is similar to Bill Murray's character relating to Rudy in the movie Meatb

ake's great passion is music. He's in a viola band with his girlfriend Lady the Rainicorn. They practice every Thursday in Princess Bubblegum's garage

UH OH! HERE SHE COMES! hon hmm hm 1 1/ 1 ilte ! it's PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM POW! and Lady the Rainicorn CRAGKEDCONT

As Princess a millionairc nerd cnthusiast. Bubblegum immerscs hersclf in every branch of geekdom from rocket science to turtle farming. Her immense kn

Coo? ol e Hey, Bettie. oh! hi, Mary. I/! CRACKEDCON

It'S Marceline the Vampire Queen M ROCK! Marceline is a wild rocker girl. She's lived for centuries and has developed a total disregard for social con

Are we still on for me destroying you at frisbee this Sunday? 11 U iV lf u 1/ WI E 11 u E Haha. You better bring a diaper for your head. as you will b

A masterful fiend of amplified instruments. Marceline is unrestrained super stardom. Marceline spent a few hundred years practicing horns and stringed


The finer things in life like love and friendship are denied the Ice King due to his horrific personality. He has to settle for more tangible measures

He's a bad egg, this guy. Armed with a The Ice King is a 1000-year-old magical crown and a frozen heart. The socially inept patoot who will stop at Ic

THE LICH KING IS NOT FUNNY The Lich King embodies absolute evil. He doesn't give long monologues about how he's going to rule the world, or waste time

The Land of Ooo Jake Finn & live 'rincess her Bubblegum's Gendy erdent Piletine ASTLE Kinytom Myafnry Terphe Net TheIce King Do Durning Too lives here

THE AwESoME FoRt Finn and Jake built this fort on a weeping willow for emotional and structural support. Finn and Jake dragged wreckage, garbage and s
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