5 Video Games To Play If You Don’t Give A Crap About 'House Of The Dragon'

I would have used the 'S' word but my editors said no.
5 Video Games To Play If You Don’t Give A Crap About 'House Of The Dragon'

Recently we wrote about video games to play while you wait for the next episode of House of the Dragon or “Hot D” as everyone should exclusively be calling it. But that sparked a thoughtful comment from one of our readers: what if I don’t give a sh*t about the show? That’s a valid question. It’s hard to care about anything these days, much less a show with some of the worst wig game on TV. But we have to do something to fill the remaining hours until we’re freed from this mortal coil, so might as well play some dang video games. So here are our recommendations for what to play based off of what you don’t care about.  

You don’t care about… some stupid fantasy realm


The Last of Us is set in a post apocalyptic United States and the realism of both its graphics and its fraught, heartbreaking character development will make you realize that sure, there's zombies in this game but dragons are freaking lame.

You don’t care about… big budget graphics



Simple, perfect.

Graphics can be a fancy way to hide faulty game play or inane stories. With Nidhogg, the graphics are stylish, must incredibly minimal. It’s a pixelated battle game that is considered one of the best of all time. No need to spend ten million dollars on a battle’s CGI when the game play is this addictive.

You don’t care about… violence


Why can’t we all get along huh? Well, you can help heal a town (with minimal bloodshed) in Potion Permit. This game drops on September 22nd and made our list of must-plays for the month. Craft potions, help villagers, build up the town. It's the exact opposite of a show about killing and incredibly graphic old time-y medical nonsense.

You don’t care about… lofty lords and ladies


You’re a grim dark has-been who maybe never was in Disco Elysium. This fantastic, story driven game delves into the mind of an alcoholic cop, whether it’s a story of redemption or drug fueled madness is up to you. There's no fancy dinners or grand balls, just grit, despair, and incredible narrative. 

You don’t care about…any of this nerd crap


Fortnite. Just play Fortnite. Your kids will finally think you're cool.

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