5 Video Games To Play While You Wait For Next Week’s 'House Of The Dragon'

What do you love about the show? We'll recommend you a game.
5 Video Games To Play While You Wait For Next Week’s 'House Of The Dragon'

So, you can’t wait to get back to Westeros. Maybe you love the political intrigue. Maybe it’s the sweeping battle scenes full of magic and destruction. Maybe you just can’t wait to see those mops made of spider webs that pass for wigs. Whatever your reason for loving House of the Dragon, we’re taking that reason and giving you a customized recommendation for what game to play while you wait for next week’s episode.

You love… courtly machinations

Will you marry for love or for political advantage? Will you rule with an iron fist or a silken touch? Who will inherit your kingdom when you die? Crusader Kings 3 puts you at the head of a potential empire as you guide one ruling family’s bloodline throughout the ages. 

You love… gore

If you giggle with glee and horror every time someone gets their head popped like a grape in the show, we’ve got the game for you. Mortal Kombat 11s epic fatalities will not disappoint. Plus the campaign is a ridiculously fun story. 

You love… the GoT extended universe

Revisit the original Game of Thrones timeline and tone with Telltale’s Game of Thrones. It puts you right in the middle of Westeros and the heart wrenching choices one family must make to survive are all up to you in this episodic story game.

You love… nobility fighting for the throne


Do not let your life pass without playing this game.

Ghost of Tsushima is an epic tale about a noble man fighting to protect the land he loves. The fate of your people rests on your broad, samurai shoulders. This is the most beautiful open world game ever made and if you want to know what it’s like to battle for the fate of the realm, this is your chance.

You love… big fantasy battles

Who in their right mind would pass up an opportunity to ride a big ass dragon? Cast spells? Decimate armies and lay cities low? Befriend the elves? Or slay the elves! A massive fantasy world is yours while you battle enemy armies in real time in Total War: Warhammer 3. 

Now that you’ve got your customized recco, we’ve got one question: have you ever wished video games were your parents?

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