Playstation 5's New VR Headset Shows Incredible Promise

Will it finally make 'Ready Player One' (but good) a reality?
Playstation 5's New VR Headset Shows Incredible Promise

There's a constant sound of “are we there yet?" echoing in the minds of those who want Virtual Reality to become the next big thing in gaming. Whenever a new VR headset by a big company gets a big announcement, people get hyped, sure, but there are always fair concerns regarding price, tech capabilities, and regarding whether or not it will have games. The new PSVR2 headset wants to kill all doubts because, well, Playstation is pretty good when it comes to making games,

and also because its likely-more-affordable hardware shows mind-blowing promise. The original PSVR headset was great because it proved relatively more affordable and easy to use than its competitors, and the second iteration seems to bring some very high-tech advancements to the mix.

Ok, it might look a bit scary, but this is actually great.

The new headset will no longer force users to go into a state of blindness as it will allow toggling between viewing the game world and viewing one's surroundings.

new options that will allow for less injuries.
Anyone who's ever been in VR knows that this is an absolute godsend.

 It also allows players to customize the size of their play area.

we can now customize our play area
Too bad that moving outside of the grid will cause the headset to laser our hands off unless we subscribe to PSplus (source pending)

Sony also aims to solve one of VR's biggest problems: motion sickness. Yeah, the likelihood of having to vomit has always proved a tough selling point for the supposed vehicle of our favorite past-time. Sony is trying to fix that by adding higher resolutions and higher framerate view modes that allow for a much smoother experience. They also promise that on top of the upcoming Horizon Call Of The Mountain, the new VR headset will feature at least 20 release titles, so about 15 more titles than the regular PS5 currently has.

a less-than-perfect shot from the new VR Horizon game
We're hyped. Yes, even if every single character in every single game makes this face the entire time.

Top Image: Sony

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