New PS Plus Will Make Retro Games Look Better Than We Remember

Who wouldn't want to change the past for the better?
New PS Plus Will Make Retro Games Look Better Than We Remember

Not too long ago, we showed that our nostalgia goggles aren't wrong: old games really did look much better back in the day than they do on modern systems. That's because the new versions forget that those games were meant to run on CRT monitors. Sony, however, seems to be pulling out all the stops when it comes to bringing good old games back in style. One Resetera member just caught wind of a new feature of the new PS Plus system called the CRT filter. This means that games like, say, the classic Oddworld Abe's Oddysee will stop looking like the pixelated monstrosity it has turned into in its more recent versions:

Abe's most recent (but inferior looking) ports

Oddworld Inhabitants

Newcomers might think Abe is a Tetris blocks-based lifeform.

to start looking like an actual HD remaster that's much closer to the game that we remember from back in the day.

Abe's awesome new CRT filter

Oddworld Inhabitants

We finally get to play Abe as we remember him: ugly as sin but with good detail.

The glorious CRT filter simply adds fake scanlines that emulate the scanlines of CRT TVs that the devs of back in the day counted on to make their games look better. Getting old games to run on Scanline-less TVs is the same as making a blockbuster film with the hottest actors of the '00s without allowing them to wear makeup.

And this is not the only proof that Sony is getting really serious about revamping its classics, as many of the old titles will have new features added on the new Playstation Plus such as trophy systems, save anywhere features, and even rewind options. While we don't know how well the new PS Plus will fare against Microsoft's Game Pass in the future, we can easily say that the future of Playstation's, uh, past, looks very good.

Top Image: Square Enix, CRT Pixels

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