How Sony Can Make The PS5 VR Head Set Suck Less

The PSVR2 could seriously rock
How Sony Can Make The PS5 VR Head Set Suck Less

The original PSVR headset proved a pretty decent and most affordable alternative to the VR headsets of its time. Unfortunately, just like the PSVita, the EyeToy, the Playstation Move, and who knows how many other made-up-sounding MacGuffins, the Sony VR headset ended up as little more than yet another gimmick. I sure hope the second time is a charm because Sony just unveiled the ultra-sexy PSVR2, and If VR really wants to be the next big thing, there is no better way to catapult it than Sony's ultra-successful console.

PS5's VR headset


This one better be less expensive than the previous one, so I get enough money to pay for the much-needed coat of paint.

What Sony spared in color choice, it invested in Playstation's first set of dedicated ergonomic controls as well as a superior screen that's full of bells and whistles. Ok, not literal bells, but whistles for sure since it's going to have an inner ventilation system in order to prevent lens fog. It all looks great, but I don't think anyone ever doubted that the tech would be great. The elephant in the room here is what is Sony going to use this certainly expensive peripheral for? 

Is it going to be yet another showcase of projects that seem full of possibilities but end up being more of a train ride than an actual game, or are Playstation fans finally going to get their first AAA VR exclusive? Let's face it, it's not through superior technology that Sony's been winning every battle of the made-up console war; it's because of the more immersive games it keeps coming up with. That shouldn't feel like too-crazy-a-bet when the objective of VR is to offer a level of first-person immersion that's outside the reach of regular games – regardless of how good they are.

Famous Sony-style 3rd person over the shoulder angle


Maybe Sony just doesn't know it's actually legal to make games that don't use a third-person over-the-shoulder perspective.

And if Sony doesn't want to task any of their studios with the grueling mission of revolutionizing video games forever, at least give us Half-Life: Alyx. So many people want to play new Half-Life games as well as a true VR campaign, and so few could so far because most can barely afford to even dream of having both a VR set and a computer capable of running that.

Half-Life Alyx's messed-up rat physics


Please, we need to experience the realistic rat physics.

Or you know what, at least give us a new revamped Playstation Home VR chat. Yeah, it's much better, more popular and it probably cost a few fewer billions to make than Facebook's hilariously failed Metaverse. 

A cosy VRChat fireplace moment


Sony, please. All my friends are there.

Top Image: Sony

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