Sony’s most recent State of Play presentation showed us the first trailer for the third game in the so-post-apocalyptic-it’s-nice-again series Horizon. The first game Horizon: Zero Dawn was a smash hit when it came out, garnering a slew of Game of the Year awards and rising to the top of dozens of “Best RPG of All Time” lists. 2022’s sequel Horizon: Forbidden West has been a bright spot in a fairly dull year for game releases. (Except for Elden Ring of course). The newest game is called Horizon: Call of the Mountain. It will premiere on PSVR2 and it’s gonna make everybody chuck so hard.

Guerrilla Games

I'm getting vertigo just looking at this.

The game is set in a far future, humanity is fractured and dependent on stone age technology. People live in tribes, distinguished by dumb costumes which don’t really make any sense. It’s a tale as old as at least 1999, the year The Matrix came out: the machines grew too powerful and turned on their human creators. In the world of Horizon those machines, which are also dinosaurs, roam the Earth, occasionally causing havoc amongst human settlements.

Call of the Mountain is developer Guerilla Games’ first VR offering in the series. And judging from the trailer, it’s a smorgasbord of barf inducing moments. One in three people will suffer from motion sickness at some point in their lives. Many folks can’t even put on a VR headset without getting a little queasy. Right off the bat the trailer shows our character in a boat. Rocking water images when your body is standing still is basically a mathematical formula for nausea.

Guerrilla Games

The only thing making me more nauseous than the boat rocking is those crazy ass sleeves.

Then the trailer goes on to have the PC climbing up ropes, shout out to all my fellow acrophobes. We also see the first person perspective using a *shudder* zip line. Which is fine in 3rd person games but is sure to eff up some inner ears in VR. There’s also a weird, disembodied hand thing, which must make sense from a programming stand point, but triggers something pretty upsetting in the ol’ lizard brain.

Guerrilla Games

Is the room spinning?

We see the PC get knocked backwards and fall off of a platform, which will not only make people throw up, but also fall over. Probably gettin’ barf all over themselves in the process. Don’t get us wrong, we’re going to play this game one hundred percent. But we’ll keep a puke pail next to us just in case.

Guerrilla Games

Apologies to my roommates when I play this game. The apartment is gonna smell crazy.

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