Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard: What Your Dungeons and Dragons Class Says About You

Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard: What Your Dungeons and Dragons Class Says About You

Hoist up those breeches, find your adventuring cloak, summon your familiar. Today we’re questing into the dark, labyrinthine interior of the human soul. Don’t fear brave one, there’s nothing in the cave you didn’t bring with you. This is the final installment of this horoscopic journey through Dungeons and Dragons character classes and today we’ll delve into the most renowned magic using classes: Sorcerer, Warlock, and Wizard. If you missed the past episodes, check them out here, here, here, and here



Wizards of the Coast

Just slow down and pay attention sometimes ok?

The Good. The world is your oyster baby. You’re supremely confident and know your own capabilities. But you’re decidedly not a puffed up windbag; it’s a rare blend that makes you a natural leader. Unlike your slightly squishy sorcerer character, you like to be out in front and leading. The Bad. You can get so excited about what’s in the next room, you might miss a trap. Aka you have trouble being present with people in your life sometimes. Plus? You’re weirdly clumsy.



Wizards of the Coast

Romance is your buddy and you're dang good at it.

The Good. You, my friend, are a charmer. All your life you’ve had secret admirers and public admirers. People are drawn to your warm smile. You can always get a smile out of the grumpy store clerk and as a kid you rarely got in trouble, because you were able to talk your way out of it. It’s a good thing! And it’s served you well all through your life. You love animals and pets are always drawn to you. Dating is your jam. The Bad. One word: entitled. 



Wizards of the Coast

Smarty pants, but anxious? Yes honey, that's you.

The Good. You believe in living well. Comfort is something to be celebrated and you never feel guilty about taking care of yourself or feeling luxurious. Your character class may have studied for years and years, but you generally have a pretty easy time picking up new things. The Bad. You don’t trust easily. There’s a part of you that’s paranoid whenever you leave the room. Are they talking about me? Did I say something so stupid they’ll cut me out of their lives forever? DID THEY THINK MY OUTFIT IS AESTHETICALLY DISPLEASING?! Don’t let these thoughts weigh you down. Either they’ll dig it or they won’t and that’s their groove baby.


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