Hugh Jackman Says Wolverine Was Supposed To Cameo In 'Spider-Man'

In fact, Spider-Man had cameoed in X-Men, kind of.
Hugh Jackman Says Wolverine Was Supposed To Cameo In 'Spider-Man'

2002's Spider-Man deserves a lot of credit for kicking off the modern superhero movie trend, but it should share the honor with 2000's X-Men. And those two movies, which each launched their own massive franchise, very nearly crossed over with each other, says Hugh Jackman. 

While there were never plans for a total shared universe, Jackman was set to pop over to the Spider-Man shoot in New York for a cameo. This only fell apart late in the game, said Jackman, when they realized they didn't have Wolverine's suit, which was tied up elsewhere and unavailable. This is the sort of info that leaves nerds saying, "wow, amazing," and also, "huh. ACTUALLY, this story makes no sense."

What did he mean by Wolverine's "suit"? Wolverine doesn't have a costume, in the way Spider-Man does. He does in the comics, sometimes, but the movie very pointedly mocks the idea of "yellow spandex." He puts on a black team uniform for a while, but it's not exactly a trademark look, and you've maybe forgotten it even existed.

More importantly, though, different studios owned the rights to Spider-Man and X-Men at the time: Spidey was at Sony, while Wolverine was with Fox. The two characters may well appear in the same Walt Disney movie in the future (along with future Disney-owned characters like Scarlett O'Hara and Moby), but that wasn't on the table in 2002. 

So, was Jackman just lying, always a possibility with celeb talk? Maybe not. He described his possible appearance as "a gag or just to walk through the shot or something." Which makes us think of the time when Spider-Man showed up on the set of X-Men:

That was a stuntman dressed up in a store-bought Spidey costume. No reason Jackman couldn't have done something similar, if just for the blooper reel. Hey, maybe he would have even put on yellow spandex. 

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