Sony Grants Marvel Weekend Visitation Rights To Spider-Man

Sony Grants Marvel Weekend Visitation Rights To Spider-Man

We were all devastated when, after their brief but illustrious union, Sony and Disney were left with no choice but to split up their MCU relationship, unable to reconcile their differences. They just had different visions for what they had in mind for their beloved spider-child. But now the two media conglomerates, while still divorced, have shown tremendous maturity by working out their problems for the sake of Spider-Man.

Sony Grants Marvel Weekend Visitation Rights To Spider-Man
The moment the conglomo-parents told the spider whom is a boy the divorce is not his fault.

The story isn't all rosy. The two estranged lovers couldn't reach a joint custody agreement. Sony has granted Marvel limited weekend visitation rights, ensuring that the impressionable boy with a spider's sense of impending danger (yet who still couldn't see the divorce coming) will make an appearance in a third MCU Spider-Man film. But at this time, there's only the possibility of him appearing in more MCU movies after that.

Peter Parker will be living primarily in his new home at Sony, where he will be raised surrounded by an entire universe of spider and spider-adjacent people like him, who will also be getting their own movies, including Madame Web, Silver Sable, Kraven the Hunter, Silk, and the vampire Morbius. Vampires are kind of like spiders, if you think about it -- but not too much, and preferably not at all.

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