Cracked Round-Up: Dick Joke Edition.


Q: Why did the Priest, the Rabbi, and the Clarinet player player go to Michigan?

A: Flesh-worm!

No, we're not proud of that. Give us a break. Do you have any idea how hard it is to work this hungover? Last night was Cracked's annual Goat Sacrifice to the Old Ones, and Swaim broke out the vodka/Windex smoothies early. We can still hear the bleating.

Bucholz kicked things off with a guide to cult ownership, while Robert Brockway showed us why you can never go home again. Seanbaby classifies modern pedestrians using famous toss-ball players. Dan O'Brien drops the curtain with a hateful and largely incoherent rant about Stevie Wonder. That'll teach the fucker.

6 Ways Your Body Loves To Screw You (Explained By Science)

Sadly, knowing why your body sucks won't help it to suck less.

Notable Comment:

"Do people actually think dinosaur and humans did NOT co-exist?!?!"

Of course not, evilmoxie. If dinosaurs and humans never co-existed, how did Ian Malcolm break his leg?

7 Inventors You Didn't Know You Wanted to Punch In the Face

Unless you're one of those people who just wants to punch everyone in the face.

Notable Comment:

"What f**kwits -.- "

Svc eloquently summarizes the article.

6 Mental Illness Myths Hollywood Wants You to Believe

Surprisingly, most Hollywood screenwriters know a lot more about cocaine and Ukrainian prostitutes than they do about mental illness.

Notable Comment:

"Haha..."hippocampus"....what is that, like, like a school for hippos? Nah I'm just kiddin' with ya, you're alright kid. "

CharlieSouth, assassins have been dispatched to your domicile. Make peace with death.

6 Hilarious Attempts at Brainwashing Kids with Comic Books

"We'll just hire some wino to write the script in exchange for whiskey. Kid's can't fuckin' read anyway."

Notable Comment:

"How the hell did you leave out the works of Jack Chick? Chick Tracts are the most fear-mongering and brain-washing thing to ever be printed in comic form! What a miss. Otherwise this was a great article. "

Sorry Alzarahn, Jack Chick's stuff is just too retarded. Even for this article.

7 Insane True Stories Behind The World's Most WTF Houses

This one goes out to all you wusses in the suburbs. If your house doesn't baffle passers-by, you aren't doing it right.

Notable Comment:

"Oh god look at spock's mustache I'm so wet right now. "

reckless abrandon's comment can stand on its own.

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Kids today, all they do is sit on their ass...
by Gatt

Editor's pick:

Turns out the pony's one trick was actually pretty cool.
by Versus


F*** you Nintendo, I just wanna be able sit on my couch again.
by yeahme

Editor's pick:

Sometimes the Make-a-Wish Foundation just has to go along with it.
by geniuswaitress


Lady Gaga takes charge of the KKK's custumes.
by noreport

Editor's pick:

Why can't the Grinch steal this shit instead?
by Blinker_Fluid


One giant leap in the wrong direction.
by Awesominator

Editor's pick:

It's hard to write a good craption when you have a raging erection.
by Mr.Excalibur


There are four rules to World of Warcraft Club..
by Tessica

Editor's pick:

The annual "Let's Never Do Anything Ever" parade.
by TrogdorRules


Rorschach's Journal: Sucks losing bets to Comedian.
by Soneji

Editor's pick:

Excuse me, can you tell us where they're holding Mexi-con?
by Ceveron


After the Orcs invaded, Christmas became much more fun.
by Kamikaze Phoenix

Editor's pick:

Fire. How original.
by Valthonis

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