True Crime

True Crime has been having a moment ever since Serial taught your parents that podcasts exist. The appeal is undeniable: most of us don't go around committing crimes, plus crime shows humanity at its craziest, its dumbest, and most literally ghoulish, so True Crime gives us a window into sides of humanity we don't normally see. Look, if the stuff wasn't artistic catnip, would Shakespeare have written True Crime? Even old people love True Crime! Well, committing crimes, at least. That all said, it's important to remember the subjects of True Crime are real people. Having maybe the biggest event of your entire life turned into a media event is a whole separate issue beyond the original big event. Turns out being a True Crime subject has wild aftereffects. So while what follows may be wacky or baffling or terrifying, don't forget: it's all true, all of it. 


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