The Olympics

Ah, the Olympics. A time every four years when the world comes together in the spirit of friendly competition and make art together. Or for gold medalist Sakura Yosozumi, skateboard in a kimono. We here at Cracked have an informal tradition of saying the Olympics shouldn't happen or that the Olympics are secretly trash, but we're also softies at heart. Yeah, we've heard the dark sides of being an Olympic athlete, but have you heard the underdog stories at the Olympics? Not even 20 puppies offering you ice cream could melt your heart that fast. Plus, we can definitely agree that McDonald's losing money on a promo is very funny. 

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5 Ridiculous Sports You Won't Believe Were Olympic Events

In the Olympics as we know them today, new events have to go through a long process of careful consideration before inclusion in the esteemed games. Baseball and Softball have recently been cut, for example, while Rugby and golf have made inexplicable comebacks. We can't just have any random spastic game of Calvinball gaining entry into the pinnacl

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