21 Terrible Hollywood Reboots (And Why They Failed)

It's not often that Brendan Fraser outdoes Tom Cruise.
21 Terrible Hollywood Reboots (And Why They Failed)

It takes a lot for a remake to outdo the original. In fact, we often write them off with a groan before seeing the new film because reboots just never quite hit the mark ... or actually miss it entirely and just destroy the audience's brains. In a time when it feels like culture is stuck, we are unfortunately subjected to an endless stream of franchise reboots, remakes and reimaginings. We’ve written about how sequels and reboots can ruin your favorite characters. We’ve also done deep dives into the worst hollywood remakes and the versions we should have gotten instead. 

We wanted to explore why some famous remakes simply failed to hit the mark. First there’s the Nicholas Cage (honestly? We’re big fans!) remake of the cult horror classic, the Wicker Man. What’s the deal with the bear costume and the bees anyway? Then there’s the modern karate kid remake that replaces karate with kung fu for some reason.

But why do remakes fail, exactly? Well ...

1968 Pioneering film with an avant- -garde soundtrack, that explores themes of persecution and utilitarianism, and ends with one of the greatest twist
WICKER FHE MVAN CRACKED.COM 1973: Horror classic about the dangers of cult mentality, starring cinematic icon Christopher Lee 2006: Nicholas Cage scre
The Mummy (1999) was a thrilling, fun adventure film heavily influenced by Indiana Jones movies.. The 2017 remake is a paint-by-numbers exercise desig
GHOOSTBUSTERS_ GOZER Ancient Pure evil Wants to destroy everything 1984 2016 Thirties Total dick Wants revenge on puny world ROWAN
The Karate Kid CRACKED CO (1984J Thekidlearns Karate The Karate Kid 2010) The kid learns Kungfu
1951: A friendly alien named Klaatu tries gentle persuasion to convince humanity to stop building nukes, only using threats as a last resort THE DAY T
21 Terrible Hollywood Reboots (And Why They Failed)
Complex storyline for several seasons BOY with strong. Black female character. meets WORLD GiRL Diey Only major Black character WorLd originally portr
CRACKED.COM (1987) Proiy Tron 2017) This remake totally bombed, probably because it: Added unnecessary backstories and too many plotlines, turned itse
CRACKED.COM Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? (1967) A socially relevant classic about changing racial attitudes and interracial marriage, made at a time
CRACKED.COM KING KONG The original King Kong The remake in 2005 got way (1933) too distracted by the human was a straightforward film that characters,
21 Terrible Hollywood Reboots (And Why They Failed)
ROLLERBRL While the original 1975 movie has its main character choose to take part in a deadly sport to regain his freedom in a corporate controlled s
the Minded Prefessor Ned Brainard discovers a rubbery substance with unusual physical properties. 1961 FLUBBER Philip Brainard discovers a sentient go
HALLOWEEN 1978 Michael Myers is a mysterious and terrifying presence that sends chills down the spine. His childhood is briefly touched upon in the fi
Unstoppable 1954 apocalyptic engine of death Metaphor for Nuclear Holocaust (CODZLLA 1998 CRACKED.COM Radioactive iguana VS. Ferris Bueller
TEEMMGE MUTANT NINA TURTLES 1990 The final battle focuses on martial arts and personal conflict STENACE MuTEAT NNDJA URTLES5 2014 The final battle foc
(1984) A Nightimare EIm freer (2010) om Freddy's an iconic Freddy's a stupid child murderer who looking child murderer stalks and manipulates: who's c
on 34th street: CRACKED COM Miracle ls Kris Kringle really Santa Claus? 1947 1994 INITESTATESOFA IN GOD The post office We can't prove delivers the ma
Is guided by his belief in the goodness of humanity and even reverses time to save RAUN as many people as he can. SUPER UPERMAN MOVE THE MAN OF STEEL

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