The Office

The Office: the reason 99% of us know about Scranton, PA (somewhere, an actual President of the United States jut involuntarily said “come on, man, that's malarkey, I was born there”). Since its US debut in 2005, millions of millennials, Gen Zers, and maybe even some other ones have cringed through every awkward silence, picked around scraps of Awesome Blossom at the Dundies, and embraced Dwight's Recyclops as their official Earth Day deity

We watched Michael Scott grow from a boss who can't pick a healthcare plan to a pitiable yet lovable guy with egg in his crocs and Foreman Grill scars on his feet. We watched Jim and Pam and Angela and Dwight…uh, we'll say “navigate” romance. We watched Andy Bernard change more times than we can count. And for some of us, it was the first time learning casting director Allison Jones is responsible for roughly half of our favorite movies and shows. Yep, The Office was a formative moment in 21st century sitcoms, as evidenced by the mountains of articles we've written below:


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