3 'The Office' Behind-The-Scenes Gems (From Pam And Angela Actors)


Even as we approach the ten-year anniversary since we bid adieu to the loyal crew of Dunder Mifflin, The Office has remained a television classic, the core personality trait of pretty much every other millennial, and a staple at the forefront of our pop culture lexicon. As fans continue to crave more behind-the-scenes concert of their favorite binge-worthy sitcom (let's face it, the 75th rewatch just doesn't hit the same), two of the show's beloved stars and real-life best friends have answered the call -- Jenna Fischer, who played Pam Beesly, and Angela Kinsey, who played Angela Martin. 

A year and a half after launching their "Office Ladies" podcast back in October 2019, the dynamic duo is back with yet another venture, a book entitled Office BFFs: Tales of The Office from Two Best Friends Who Were There. Set to launch in 2022, the friends have already begun promoting their new literary work, opening up to People magazine about their creative process and time on the show. From how their friendship began to where Jim and Pam would be today, here are the three most fascinating takeaways about their time on set -- in their own words.  

1. Fischer and Kinsey first became best friends while filming the show's iconic Basketball episode. 

Every friendship has to begin somewhere, and for The Office's leading ladies, their origin story comes from filming the show's famed Basketball episode. The pair had been friendly since the beginning of the season, but after sitting on the bench for "for two full shoot days, which is about 12 hours each day," they had grown particularly close, telling the other their "life story," according to Fischer.  

"We were leaving the warehouse and we were so giddy," the actress reminisced. "We had this really fun friendship. You don't expect to make a friendship like this when you're older." Soon, Steve Carell, who famously played Michael Scott, began to notice their rapport. 

"We had to walk through this big parking lot, and it was at night. Like school girls, we linked arms and started doing Schlemiel and Schlimazel from Laverne & Shirley and Steve was walking up behind us," Kinsey added. "We were so embarrassed and we were laughing. Steve was like, 'No matter what happens, this is what you'll take with you. This.' And he pointed at the two of us. He was so right." The rest of this famous friendship was history. 

"Jenna is my life anchor because it's like, the world doesn't make sense until I can bounce it off her, whatever happens," Kinsey explained. "The big things, the small things. Once I tell it to her, I'm at peace with it, or I can navigate it."

2. Fischer's Favorite on-set moment with star Steve Carell was a wholesome behind-the-scenes chat. 

While working with a comedy legend as renowned as Steve Carell may seem like an intimidating, albeit hilarious challenge, one of Fischers' favorite moments with her beloved co-star came in the form of a casual off-screen conversation while filming the show's third season. "I remember shooting 'Diwali' and I had this scene with Steve Carrell. Michael and Pam are sitting outside. Michael is kind of broken-hearted and he tries to kiss Pam." she recalled. "I would always get so excited when I got to have Steve all to myself in a Pam and Michael scene. And that particular episode meant that everybody else got to go home."

As the crew began setting the stage for their scene, Fischer says she and Carell had a heart-to-heart, enjoying the warm weather. "Steve and I sat in some director's chairs outside in this warm summer evening. We just chatted for an hour while we waited for them to set the scene. When I see an episode like that, those memories come flooding back and they're so special to me."  Remember, folks, behind every awkward scene is a surprisingly wholesome moment. 

3. Jim and Pam, as well as Dwight and Angela, are both going strong in the years following the finale. 

It seems our favorite Dunder Mifflin couple may still be going strong after nearly a decade of marriage -- at least according to Fischer. "I am positive that Pam and Jim are doing very well and Cece and Phillip are growing up into fine, fine little people," she told the publication. "No, I think the move for Pam and Jim was great for them because they were able to invest a little bit more into the types of things that really give them meaning in their life. They're very happy. Don't worry."

And it seems the Halpert's aren't the only ones enjoying marital bliss following the series finale -- Angela and Dwight are also doing swell almost 10 years later. "I think I've had six more Schrutes," Kinsey predicted to the magazine. "I feel like Dwight and I are raising a small little army of Schrutes."

We're gonna need a family reunion episode, stat. 

So folks, even ten years later, The Office is the television gift that keeps on giving. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to buy the entire boxed set -- it's apparently better than streaming on Peacock.  

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