Watching 'The Office' On Over-The-Air TV Just Changed

Watching 'The Office' On Over-The-Air TV Just Changed

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Reader, do you like The Office … but like, not enough to tattoo “Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica" on your left ass cheek? Are you a sociopath who absorbs a deep sense of sick glee from watching the demise of Kevin Malone's chili on the floor of the Dunder Mifflin carpet over and over and over again … who is also on a budget? Are DVD players so … 2005? 

Well, folks, it seems you – and everyone else who enjoys The Office,  but not nearly enough to drop $49.99 per year on a subscription to Peacock to re-watch every season sans ads or $40 - $140 on a series boxed set (a.k.a. the clearly more economical decision) -- are in luck. Less than a year after the beloved sitcom left Netflix for Peacock, it seems the NBC streaming service has slightly loosened its (non-cable) chokehold on the series, granting yet another TV station the non-exclusive rights to re-air the series. 

Yep, following a deal between Disney and NBCUniversal Global Distribution, Freeform (a.k.a the station formerly known as ABC Family for those of us who binge-watched “The Secret Life Of The American Teenager” in middle school) will ring in the new year by airing episodes of The Office starting on January 1, 2022,  Deadline reported on Monday. An acquisition marked with two separate marathons, for those looking for the binge-watching experience sans the hefty pricetag of streaming/boxed sets and a DVD player, this development has execs at the Disney-owned network looking at models for their fifth yacht jumping for joy. 

The Office is a comedy masterpiece that satirizes everyday office life,” Chuck Saftler, who serves as the head of business operations for several Disney-owned networks said of the acquisition. “I can’t think of a better way for Freeform to ring in 2022 when so many people are preparing to head back to their workplace offices. It’s a perfect primer and further positions Freeform as a go-to destination for bold, irreverent programming.”

Top Image: NBC 

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