The Civil War

The American Civil War is still killing people in the 21st century. Sure, that was a not-so-freak accident with a cannonball, but what an apt metaphor for our times, amirite? Yeah, the aftershocks are still being felt here, like if Uncle Sam tore an ACL in his youth and now his knee creaks whenever the KKK marches. It is shockingly easy to forget how recent the conflict was, which is why we feel compelled to point out that door knobs are younger than the Civil War. And, as seems worth repeating over and over in this country: here are six Civil War myths, debunked

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6 Civil War Myths Everyone Believes That Are Total B.S.

We might be going out on a limb here, but we're guessing that most of our readers aren't hardcore Civil War historians. And since VH-1 discontinued their series before they got around to the 1860s, a lot of us are walking around with Civil War misinformation firmly wired in our brains.

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