20 Surprising Origins Of Famous Pop Culture Ideas

20 Surprising Origins Of Famous Pop Culture Ideas

You never know when the Muse will strike you. It could be while you're gazing through the work of great Renaissance artists. Or it could be while you're shitting yourself over rodents eating your fingers. Point is: Inspiration doesn't always need to be a brilliant light bulb. Sometimes it can just be broken glass to a bare foot.

To help illustrate this, we asked our readers to highlight some creators whose great ideas came from odd places. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by Ted E.

FOR PAN'S SLABYRINTH, GUILLERMO DEL TORO BASED THE PALE MAN OFF HIS FEAR OF MANTA RAYS. There was also this thing that I had as a kid where manta ray

Entry by Quo

Mark Twain, in his 1872 book Roughing It noted, the coyotes are starving and would chase a roadrunner. Many years later, this line of text inspired

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