18 Perspective-Shifting Historical Statistics

18 Perspective-Shifting Historical Statistics

News Flash: Hollywood lied to us. And so did the history books. But if you look at the actual data, you'll learn that the world was (and is) fairly different from what you've been picturing. And listen? As people fascinated by history and science? We're here to help. Here are a whole big ol' bundle of facts from science and history we're been tucking away. Not for like, nefarious reasons, anything shady like like that. Did you know there was a whole bunch of Black cowboys who were wrasslin' cattle, just offscreen during your favorite Westerns? Did you know Muslims in the UK fought on the side of the British to try to ensure the enrichment of democracy and equitable treatment for all races? No? Well…us too, regrettably. We try really hard to learn our history here at Cracked, we try to be empathetic and loving, but honestly? Learning is hard. That's why we're here.

For example ...

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