The 80s

It's a fact that in many people's minds, 80s music means The Wiggles. Absolutely era-defining, right up there with sitcoms killing moms. Weird combo, The Wiggles and dead moms, but the 80s were a weird time. 

In all seriousness, the 80s absolutely revolutionized music (not to mention comedy in music videos). Most of those innovations were led by people of color, though not always in areas you might think. The 80s was an excellent time for horror movies, leading to a nostalgia boom we're all still living through. Children's cartoons taught us hatred of the middle class, while adult movies broke our brains like a bully tossing a cyclist off a cliff. Amidst all this was a backdrop of the Reagan presidency, which…whoops, aaaannd looks like that's my time, folks, read on below!




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