Plot Twists

Oh wow, did you see that new movie everyone's talking about? Not yet?! Oh my god, let me just tell you…no, I can't spoil the end. There's this HUGE twist that you never see coming, oh boy, is it sure a head-spinner. Wow. I'll go watch it again, anytime you want, just to try to pick up clues. 

Aaaand…scene. Sure, we're all annoyed by the friend who comes out of a movie theater talking like that. But we can't pretend we don't love a good plot twist. That initial “whaaaaat" response. Having the rug pulled out from under us. Learning the butler did it. It's such an effective technique when done right. And sure, it's fun to make fun of when it's clear no one thought this through. But in general, we're big fans of flipping the script here at Cracked. 

One of our favorite things is seeing a movie with a plot twist, then later realizing there were spoilers in the trailer. We even like hearing about fake plot twists. And we really love when the smallest detail solves the puzzle. Ever wonder what the first plot twist was? Well, we went looking. Did we find it? Don't wanna spoil the ending


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