'The Batman's Early Minor Detail (That Reveals The Plot Twist)

Here’s what fans were able to spot that Batman couldn't.
'The Batman's Early Minor Detail (That Reveals The Plot Twist)

Note that this article contains spoilers. Obviously.

Before Bruce Wayne was all ‘man about town’ like in the Nolan movies, he was just a guy in a costume, shying away from both society and sunlight, harboring an unhealthy obsession with true crime. In The Batman, we see him stalking crime scenes like a groupie as he learns what it takes to be a detective. Basically, we see Batman being a morbid emo rookie. Cue a teenage journal entry and a sad Nirvana song.

Many fans have sniggered at how Bruce/Batman isn’t even close to being the world’s greatest detective in this movie yet. Sure, everyone gets that it’s the point here but gosh, if you didn’t have Spanish as part of your homeschool curriculum then at least learn to use Google translate, bat boy. On the internet. You know, the thing you used to type in that URL, eventually. 

But fine, that could’ve been an oversight on anyone’s part, we guess. Riddles are annoying. There is, however, no excuse that not even Gordon thought to check up on where exactly those images of recently murdered mayor Don Mitchell Jr. and Annika were taken. You know, the pictures showing them outside the Iceberg Lounge. The shots that were all clearly taken from a very specific, higher up angle.

Warner Bros. Pictures

Of course, the twist near the end of the movie reveals that yes, yes they totally should’ve checked on where those photographs were taken because it would’ve led them straight to Riddler’s crummy apartment right across the street from the Iceberg Lounge.

Which, as director Matt Reeves confirmed, is where the Riddler himself can be spotted in the left upper window earlier in the film:

Guy was right there, that whole time. Talk about a rookie mistake.

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