Dinosaur buttholes are in the fossil record. We wanted to get that out of the way in case any toddlers in the audience skipped the “Everybody Poops” reading assignment. The size of what came out of said dinosaur bungholes can only be speculated about by Jeff Goldblum, but don't trust Hollywood with dinosaur information (dinoinfo, for short). It seems like Hollywood did get something right, at least, and yes it's the most awesome thing: dinosaurs were constantly fighting. Rad, now where do we sign up for a Ray Bradbury-style time machine? 

Until H.G. Wells follows through on his promises, we're stuck with paleontology. A discipline that is constantly learning new things—people used to think Stegosaurus could fly, after all. Just recently, scientists discovered a new octopus that's even older than dinosaurs. So who needs time machines? Digging around in the dirt looking for ballsacks is good enough. 

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