14 Lies About Dinosaurs and Paleontology Movies and TV Have Told You

Wait -- Ross Geller was lying to us?
14 Lies About Dinosaurs and Paleontology Movies and TV Have Told You

Hollywood has a long history of disregard for scientific accuracy, and nowhere is this more evident than in the Jurassic Park franchise. Although the original movie was praised for its special effects, it was later criticized for its numerous inaccuracies. For instance, the film portrays dinosaurs as cold-blooded animals when in reality, they were probably warm-blooded. In addition, the film suggests that dinosaurs were unintelligent and sluggish when fossil evidence suggests that they were actually quite agile and intelligent. As paleontologist Robert Bakker remarked, "The dinosaurs in Jurassic Park are so wrong it hurts." Sadly, Hollywood's inaccurate portrayal of these fascinating creatures is likely to continue, as filmmakers seem more interested in entertainment value than scientific accuracy.

Can you believe Hollywood would lie to us about dinosaurs? We mean… How could they? How can they be so conceited as to think that dinosaurs would need their help to be cool? Dinos are much cooler than any other thing that ever walked on this planet! Yes, even cooler than George Clooney! And it’s not just about dinosaurs, either -- just take a look at these...


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