When you were a kid, studying dinosaurs could be the most fun piece of education you could possibly have. Learning about all of these cool giant lizards was akin to thinking that one day, before you were born, actual gargantuan monsters roamed the earth. Then you can collect dino toys or pretend that you were your favorite dinosaur on the playground, reading and regurgitating every dino fact as your roared and crushed your toys in the sandbox. 

Then when you get older, you realize that some of those fun dino facts you learned as a five-year-old have been debunked, either through new evidence or the knowledge that some of those “facts” was just stuff some scientists were making up. 

We here at Cracked want to re-educate your inner five-year-old and give you some interesting facts (real ones this time) about dinosaurs, so you can go back to the sandbox of your youth and stomp around accurately.

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