Look At Jurassic World's Rejected Dumb Hybrid Dinosaur

Look At Jurassic World's Rejected Dumb Hybrid Dinosaur

It's safe to say at this point that no one is watching Jurassic World for the highbrow art. We'll happily pay billions of dollars just to watch cool-looking dinosaurs fuck shit up, but the "cool-looking dinosaurs" part is fairly crucial. The "man-made hybrid dinosaurs" concept of the current trilogy had tons of potential in that regard, and the Indominus hybrids are some sweet-ass bloodthirsty lizard ladies, but it definitely took a few meetings to hammer it out. We've known for years that some terrifying person (specifically, Steven Spielberg) wanted to include human-dinosaur soldiers, and now, we know that this goofy-ass motherfucker got all the way to the CGI stage:

That's a hybrid of stegosaurus (scientific name Fauxhawk dadbod) and triceratops (Bump-It rhino), uncreatively named Stegoceratops. Not only did they pick two of the dumbest-looking dinosaurs, but they also covered it in fake tribal tattoos for some reason. Look at that thing. You know it would try to hit on you and your friend at the same time. It considers Red Bull a juice. There's a 0% chance it has a bed frame at home.

If you've attained a slightly more advanced level of nerd, you might recognize this guy from Jurassic World: The Game, where it lived on despite getting axed from the film. The good news is they got rid of its facial tattoos. The bad news is that it's clearly Mystique from X-Men in dinosaur form.


It's a good thing the horns block her peripheral vision so she can't see how large the crowd of vistors laughing at her truly is. It's not clear why she's trying to blend in at Jurassic World, but the crossover reveal would have no doubt been operatically stupid.

Top image: Universal Pictures/Ian Joyner


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