To live in the 21st century is to live in a time of seemingly impending apocalypse. Half of you reading this probably have bunkers or at least know what kind of MREs you'd stock yours with (taco MREs, obviously). What's even more terrifying about that statement is the apocalypse is multiple choice, apparently. Some of our cities have even given the more embarrassing apocalypses a try, just to see how silly the end can be. It's a darkly comic century, indeed.

But cheer up! Living life as if the end is right around the corner can be paralyzing. No one needs that much fear weighing them down. You can stop worrying about these apocalypses. Besides, worrying about an apocalypse that never comes can make people do some wild things—like the 64-year-old British virgin who believed she was carrying the Messiah. We'll just leave you with her (and head down to our bunker, we got some new Swedish MREs and we wanna see if they taste like IKEA). 


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