15 Wildest Ways Movies and Shows Have Pictured the Apocalypse

15 Wildest Ways Movies and Shows Have Pictured the Apocalypse

Time for an apocalypse. But how? The apocalypse is a constant concern. Sometimes movies go, “Let's rock and roll.” Changing the entire world overnight isn’t an easy task, but someone has to do it – writers who want to explore a different or weirder world. Sometimes it’s done without explanation or cause as to why, you’re just suddenly in a new and different world where all the old rules have changed, because of The Cataclysm that happened in the Beforetimes. 

That’s not to say that Hollywood doesn’t get things wrong about the Apocalypse, or that the Apocalypse wouldn’t be horrible, or a third thing about how the Apocalypse is bad so it doesn’t sound like we’re rooting for the end of the world, but goddamn, isn’t it fun to watch a whole new world being born, even if it’s a terrible one?

Here's some movies and TV shows that deal with a full apocalypse.

Zack Snyder's Justice League

APOCALYPSE? HOW? ZACK SNYDER'S JUSTICE LEAGUE Superman working alongside Darkseid as he destroys and conquers all of the world. So alien invasion +1. CRACKED.COM

Source: Vulture

I Am Legend

APOCALYPSE? HOW? I AM LEGEND The virus that turns people into vampire-like monsters starts out as a measles virus. CRACKED.COM

Source: USA Today

Y: The Last Man

APOCALYPSE? HOW? Y: THE LAST MAN Every person with a Y chromosomes disappears from the world. The comic suggests a few different reasons why -a release of gas designed to prevent women from giving birth; the removal of a sacred amulet; the Y chromosome destroying itself- but never answers any of them directly. H D - خ - H .. Apr - HC CH H H CH X HO-CHc CRACKED.COM

Source: Den of Geek


APOCALYPSE? HOW? STALKER The ZONE, set up in an unknown area, contains lands that do not obey the normal rules of Earth science, and possible extraterrestrial tech. Guides called Stalkers lead explorers throughout the ruins and dangers, hoping to find a wish-granting location. CRACKED.COM

Source: Stalker


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