20 Creepy Behind-The-Scenes Stories From Horror Movie Sets

20 Creepy Behind-The-Scenes Stories From Horror Movie Sets

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There are two wolves inside us: One is named Mulder and the other Scully. Usually we’re total Scullies. It’s all about naturalistic explanations, epistemological humility, the scientific method, Occam’s razor, facts and logic, the whole deal. But sometimes, usually around spooky season, we like to set the Mulder in our head free and just assume that the weird sound coming from the other room is irrefutable proof of the paranormal.

In this Pictofact, we examine 20 highly creepy behind-the-scenes stories and events from horror movie sets. Do they admit rational explanations? We don’t know. We are dumb. Do not ask us these questions. Instead, just open your gullibility chakra and come with us for these 20 chilling-ass stories. Also, seriously, just what the what is that weird sound coming from the other room? Could it be the wind? Maybe some creaking wood? The hitchhiker we have locked up? You can forget we even said that.

Twilight Zone: The Movie

BTS STORIES FROM HORROR MOVIES 1983 TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE The tragic helicopter accident that killed actor Vic Morrow and two child actors was just due to gross negligence from the higher-ups. The spooky-ass coincidence, though, is that Morrow got a $1 million life insurance in 1974 because, I have always had a premonition that I'll be killed in a helicopter crash. CRACKED.COM

Warner Bros.


The Lords of Salem

BTS STORIES FROM HORROR MOVIES 2012 THE LORDS OF SALEM Some sequences were shot at the Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles, which has an infamous spooky reputation. Filming in the basement would make people sick, and the crew would report weird and random sounds at other empty parts of the hospital. CRACKED.COM

Anchor Bay Films, Alliance Films

TV Overmind

The Ring Two

BTS STORIES FROM HORROR MOVIES 2005 THE RING TWO A burst water pipe flooded the production office, and weeks later a five-gallon water jug burst wide open and flooded it yet again. Then, on the set, a swarm of bees attacked and then simply vanished. Finally, a set decorator saw an antlered buck running in her direction (no reports on whether it was dodgy CGI, though). CRACKED.COM

DreamWorks SKG


Ghost of Goodnight Lane

BTS STORIES FROM HORROR MOVIES 2014 GHOST OF GOODNIGHT LANE A movie about a haunted set filmed at said haunted set... had a haunted set. Before production, a specialized team considered Media World Studios actually haunted. Then, while doing the movie, lights flickered, things would move around, and disembodied voices could be heard. People felt slapped by invisible forces, and even reported visions of unknown figures. CRACKED.COM

Media World Studios, FTG Media


Annabelle Comes Home

BTS STORIES FROM HORROR MOVIES 2019 ANNABELLE COMES HOME The set for the third Annabelle installment was so spooky, a priest had to intervene. A piano bench would move by itself, door knocks would be randomly heard, and performers saw shadowy figures on the set. CRACKED.COM

New Line Cinema, Warner Bros.

The Wrap

The Conjuring

BTS STORIES FROM HORROR MOVIES 2013 THE CONJURING Things mysteriously changed places in the Warrens' store room. Actress Joey King became covered with bruises, while Vera Farmiga woke up with three scratch marks on her thigh, and the same marks would also appear on her laptop and cellphone. Also, Farmiga would wake up between 3 and 4 a.m., the same time at which the witch dies in the film. CRACKED.COM

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The Conjuring 2

BTS STORIES FROM HORROR MOVIES 2016 THE CONJURING 2 Director James Wan talked about self-moving curtains: None of the doors were opened ... They just moved on their own. And I just watched the video Patrick  showed me and this person who was filming just walked right up to the curtain ... and there's no one there swaying it, and there's no wind in the room. CRACKED.COM

New Line Cinema, Warner Bros.

The Star

The Amityville Horror

BTS STORIES FROM HORROR MOVIES 2005 THE AMITYVILLE HORROR Before production for this remake began, a dead body washed up on set. During filming, Ryan Reynolds and the rest of the team would wake up at 3:15am, the same time around which Ronald DeFeo Jr. killed his family in the events that inspired the franchise. CRACKED.COM



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