Hey, we just woke from a 24-year coma right after watching The X-Files: Fight the Future. Holy Scully’s sexy lisp, that movie was amazing. The third act was a bit of a letdown, it was kinda clunky and it went too Hollywood blockbuster for its own sake, but still, that was a wonderful piece of X-Files! What a way to crown five thought-provoking, skin-crawling, mind-blowing seasons, surely the show is super respected by now, right? After that movie, surely the show went on to just dominate pop culture and everybody considers it one of the greatest pieces of media ever made, right? You know what, we’re gonna leave this here, go binge on the, erm, four more seasons, second movie, and two revival seasons? Holy Mulder’s magnificent speedo bulge, they must be soooooo good! Alright, we’re gonna watch them and get back to you immediately, stay put, don’t go anywhere…

Well, crap. That was, that was… not what we expected. That was bad. Ugh, okay, anyway, our therapist told us we should make this Pictofact. He said it would help elaborate the trauma. He said it would make us remember the good times, treasure them, and be grateful for the happiness the show brought us. Then we asked if he had seen The X-Files and he scoffed and said, “Doesn't that show suck?” Yes, doc, we see that now. We see. These Lost and Dexter and Game of Thrones things look simply fascinating, though. They’re good, right? Okay, we’re really getting our hopes high over here. For now, we’re gonna leave you with these 20 creepy and spooky facts about The X-Files. Oh, by the way, whatever happened to that slimy Donald Trump guy? Did you hear his misogynistic, unhinged latest comments? Well, the latest comments from 1998, remember we just woke up. Whatever, we’ll just Altavista it. Enjoy!

'Breaking Bad'

GRACKED.COM The X-Files Breaking Bad is pretty much an X-Files spin-off. The 1998 episode Drive was written by Vince Gilligan, and featured Bryan Cranston as a Walter White-like character. Gilligan showed this episode to AMC to show them Cranston could play a scary dude.

Source: /Film

Sexual Tension

The X-Files Will they or won't- Wait, they did? Much was made of Mulder and Scully's first kiss, in the seventh season crossover with Millennium. Just a bit later in the season, Scully gets out of bed - with a naked Mulder inconspicuously sleeping there. It was clearly on, and they never made a big deal about it. CRACKED.COM

Source: Vulture

Speculative Science

The X-Files Chris Carter didn't think of the show as science fiction. Carter preferred the term speculative science, with the character of Scully helping ground the show. If it weren't for Scully, I think the show could be just kind of loopy, Carter said. CRACKED.COM

Source: Wired

Skinner and “Scully.”

CRACKED.COM The X-Files Skinner married Scully (sort of). Skinner's actor Mitch Pileggi ended up marrying Arlene Warren, who was Dana Scully's stand-in. Later on, she appeared in the show as Skinner's assistant.

Source: Mental Floss

The Mythology

The X-Files The lead actors were never into the show's mythology. The mythology stuff I never followed, Anderson said, with Duchovny adding the writers were just making it up along the way. I don't think Chris ever had an idea that it would be part of the show, let alone the part ... that people liked the most. CRACKED.COM

Source: IndieWire

Leyla Harrison

CRACKED.COM The X-Files There was a real Leyla Harrison. The FBI accountant introduced in Season 8 who is a fan of the X-files (the office) was a tribute to a fan of The X-Files (the show) with the same name, who died from cancer in 2001.

Source: Wikipedia


The X-Files There were a ton of knock-offs. Some were classier, like Fringe. But then there was also Profiler, Sleepwalkers, VR.5, FreakyLinks, Prey, Dark Skies, Nowhere Man, Strange Luck, American Gothic, PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal, and the chef's kiss of the genre: Baywatch Nights. CRACKED.COM

Source: Moviefone

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