20 Anthology Shows Everyone (With a Short Attention Span) Should Check Out

Don’t feel like learning complex lores or dozens of names? These are for you.
20 Anthology Shows Everyone (With a Short Attention Span) Should Check Out

Imagine, if you will, a civilization whose economic system just destroys the human mind and turns it into ADD-riddled cheese. And imagine as well, if you will, that in this civilization TV shows possess intertwined stories, absurdly complex lores, boring character development, and tons of character names and relations that viewers must learn in order to enjoy them. What is some poor TV fan (say, an Internet writer with the attention span of a scared kitten) to do in the face of such a cognitive challenge? We submit for your approval, then, an idea, a concept, a genre: the anthology TV series.

Indeed, we now venture into 20 anthology shows, particularly of the horror, sci-fi, suspense, and black comedy variety. Some of them are well-known classic and contemporary representatives of their subgenres, while others might be lesser-known or even obscure shows that might warrant your attention. Your momentary attention, that is. For some of us are never going to learn the names of houses or rings or thrones or ’80s fast food joints – but we can focus for 20 to 40 minutes on a self-contained morality tale involving the dark side of the mind and spooky twists. Take a walk with us, then, through The Strange Stories From the Vault of the Cracked Pictof – okay, we have to work on the name.

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