28 Spooky Stylized Facts About Tim Burton Movies

28 Spooky Stylized Facts About Tim Burton Movies

When you begin thinking about film as, you know, film-- Not just a diversion you sit in the dark and watch while eating overpriced popcorn, but an actual art form that your annoying roommate with a Pulp Fiction poster won't shut up about-- You begin to notice the specific flourishes and stylistic choices different directors make in their movies. Tim Burton is an easy example of someone whose movies you can identify from a mile away. Stories that blend reality and dark fairy tale, miniature-inspired sets with sinister spirals, Johnny Depp seemingly hiding around every corner, and the aggressive score by the guy from Oingo Boingo. 

Tim Burton movies have a distinctive mood and tone that unites them, from the cartoonish antics of Pee Wee's Big Adventure, to the noir-inspired underbelly of Batman, to a handful of live action Disney remakes we didn't actually see-- Here are a bunch of facts about some of our favorite movies by the Mayor of Hot Topic himself. 

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