14 Outlandish Things in Movies (Which Are Actually Realistic)

Yes, movies shamelessly lie to us -- but not always as much as we think they do.
14 Outlandish Things in Movies (Which Are Actually Realistic)

Most of the time in Hollywood, producers make up events and tales that will never happen in real life in terms of making films look more magnificent and engaging. It's difficult to look away from these scenes. But sometimes, it goes the opposite direction. Cracked decided to explore how some near-impossible cinematic sequences would play out in real life.

It's often claimed that truth is stranger than fiction. That's because reality doesn't give a rip whether you believe something is conceivable or not - the thing is there, and you have to deal with it, willingly or not. Things that we merely go along with (or roll our eyes at) in movies happen all the time in real life. These are only a few examples.

There are a few instances in which fictional films depict events that appear to be fictional but are depictions of reality. Take a peek at these 14 bizarre things you'll see in truly true movies:

Steve Buscemi Getting Duct-Taped in Space

Armageddon Steve Buscemi's character is duct-taped to his seat after he loses control. That's exactly what is to be done. NASA's written procedures for dealing with a psychotic astronaut includes binding them using duct tape and bungee cords. CRACKED.COM

Source: CBS News

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