15 Roles That Were Almost Played by Nicolas Cage

Some of these would have rippled through history, changing the world forever.
15 Roles That Were Almost Played by Nicolas Cage

Nic Caaaaaaaaaaaaage. People say that watching all of his films is like staring into the heart of the sun, but what about all the possible constellations we could’ve seen if Nic Cage didn’t turn down roles to the level that everyone thinks he doesn’t. Nic Cage’s film career is nothing if not quintessentially Nic Cage — aside from when he was like 19 and in a sitcom that went nowhere. But other than that blip, it’s been good. Cage’s career has taken him all over the film spectrum, but still there are dark corners even he didn’t venture into the swamps of. Some of these films are fantastic and others are catastrophic failures, but all would be made radically different by introducing the most famous Coppola of all time, Nicolas Cage. 

Here are roles that could’ve been reimagined to a degree none but Cage himself can fathom. Films that could’ve been like a lightning bolt streaking in the night, a shape indefinable and terrible.

Aragorn in 'The Lord of the Rings'

Roles Almost Played by Nicolas Cage ARAGORN The Lord of the Rings Peter Jackson wanted Nicolas Cage as Aragorn, but Cage couldn't see himself spending three years away from home, so he had to turn it down. CRACKED.COM

Source: Newsweek

Neo in 'The Matrix'

Roles Almost Played by Nicolas Cage NEO Nicolas Cage was almost Neo. Woah. (Не didn't want to travel, though.) CRACKED.COM

Source: Looper

John Bender in 'The Breakfast Club'

Roles Almost Played by Nicolas Cage BENDER The Breakfast Club Nicolas Cage was considered for John Bender, which would've changed all media, forever. CRACKED.COM

Source: TheThings

'The Wedding Crashers'

Roles Almost Played by Nicolas Cage The Wedding Crashers Will Ferrell's brief cameo is memorable-but it might have been even more memorable with Nic Cage instead. CRACKED.COM

Source: /Film

Doctor Doom in 'Fantastic Four'

Roles Almost Played by Nicolas Cage Fantastic Four DOCTOR DOOM Back in the halcyon days of the early 2000s, Nicolas Cage was cast as ultimate villain Doctor Doom-burned face, magic user, dictator. Is there a better role for Cage? CRACKED.COM

Source: BroBible

'Dumb and Dumber'

Roles Almost Played by Nicolas Cage Dumb and Dumber Nic Cage was almost cast as Dumb, opposite Gary Oldman's Dumber. CRACKED.COM

Source: Vulture


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