30 Weird Personal Facts About American Presidents

30 Weird Personal Facts About American Presidents

The President of the United States — far and away the most powerful and influential position in the world, only ever held by 46 people in the history of the country. There are a lot of differences between the men: their upbringings, their political motivations and guile and their vision for the future of the country. But theres one thing, above all else, that unites them: Theyre all kind of weird dudes. After all, its a weird job and will inevitably attract some weird people who find themselves in consistently strange situations. It also makes sense that while you and I get to go home every night and hide our weird little habits and quirks from the rest of the world, the president is surrounded by people at all times. And those people are going to go home and report the weird things that their very powerful boss did, and its going to inevitably end up in a listicle like this one… 


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