The First Gay President: 18 Sexual Secrets Of US Presidents

Apparently Ronald Reagan saved his more unscrupulous presidential deeds for when he headed up the Screen Actors Guild.
The First Gay President: 18 Sexual Secrets Of US Presidents

No matter which side of the aisle you align with -- or, hell, even if you're standing IN the aisle -- there's at least one or two presidents whose lives you view with rose-tinted glasses on. They're upstanding, intelligent, and probably prudes. Just kidding, they're usually none of those things.

Especially the prude part. It turns out that our presidents span the veritable spectrum of sex -- ranging everywhere from downright despicable to surprisingly progressive. Which probably isn't surprising given the country they were in charge of. We teamed up once more with our favorite star-spangled photo manipulator AuntieMeme to show a glimpse of some of this surprising conduct -- things like ...

yames Buchanan was the only bachelor to occupy the White House. He was OUR 15th president, and served just before the Civil War. HE WAS ALSO THE ONLY
Ever heard f the Coolidae Effect? IT's a term used by sexologists, and is named after 30th president Calvin Coolidge. IT'S NAMED AFTER COOLIDGE'S BORE
Lyndon ohnson was proud f his dick. He called it Jumbo, and boasted that he had more women by accident than Kennedy had on purpose. AND HE USED IT
onald Reagan is a beloved consernative icon. His boyish charm made him everyone's favorite grandpa, when he was in office. BUT HE'S BEEN ACCUSED OF RA
ennedy was widely known for his affairs. He famously whined that if he went more than three days without sex, he'd get severe headaches. AND ONE OF HI
George Washington died of a chill, in 1799. The official story was that he'd caught cold while riding his horse in the snow. HISTORIANS SAY HE CAUGHT
ohn Tyler was called the Accidental President. He was William Henry Harrison's vice president, and became our 10th president when Harrison died. HE
ohn Quincy Adams was a badass. He was a shrewd negotiator who maintained a fitness regimen that included swimming the Potomac naked every morning. HE
Andrew ackson was an intense, angry man. The rage of America's 7th president was legendary. PARTLY BECAUSE HIS WIFE WAS SLUT-SHAMED TO DEATH. When Jac
Thomas effersou famously had an affair with Sally +eminos. The relationship spanned 37 years, despite Hemings being Jefferson's slave. AND HE WAS A RA
Warren G +Harding was a busy man. The Library of Congress recently released 1,000 pages of love letters he wrote to Carrie Fulton Phillips. Harding ac
Woodrow Wilson got engaged shortly after his wife passed away. Just 10 months after the death of his wife Ellen, the 28th president became engaged to
immy Carter is practically a saint. His presidency might have been unremarkable, but his work since he left office has been unmatched. AYBO REAL BUT H
Franklin D. Roosevelt it is considered the one f top presidents f all time. He steered us through the Depression and a war while developing a strong r
The First Gay President: 18 Sexual Secrets Of US Presidents
Grover Cleveland served tuo non-consecutive terms. He's the only U.S. President to hold that distinction. During his first campaign, detractors would
Everyone liked Oke Eisenhower. Especially Kay Summersby, the English fashion model who served as his driver during World War II. SHE SAYS THEY WERE IN
George W. Bush is most remembered for the war in Irag History likely won't be kind to Bush, after the Katrina response, economic recession, and contro


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