12 Hilariously Weird Stories About U.S. Presidents

The next time somebody complains about the Oval Office losing its dignity, bust out one of these.
12 Hilariously Weird Stories About U.S. Presidents

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Sure, these days the White House is kind of a circus, but that's not how it used to be, right? In the good old days, presidents conducted themselves with formality and decorum, and were probably never naked. As it turns out, nope. There have been ridiculous moments from every presidency. We've just forgotten about them.

Nutty moments like ...

Calvin Coolidge had a special breakfast time ritual. General Milis CRISPY CRUNCHY WHCATIES WHOLE WHEAT FLAKES Vaseline THE BREAKFAST OF PRESIDENTS Aft
Reagan and Gorbachev agreed to halt the Cold War if they were attacked by aliens. In an interview, former Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev revealed th
Benjamin Harrison was terrified of electricity. After electric lighting was first installed in the White House in 1891, Harrison and his wife Mary wer
Richard Nixon (unwittingly) helped keep Deep Throat out of prison. When Mark Felt was put on trial in 1980 for ordering FBI agents to perform illegal
George Washington had his own version of Yelp. While traveling the country, Washington would write scathing reviews of the inns and public houses that
John Adams and Benjamin Franklin once shared a bed (and spent the night arguing like an old married couple). While traveling to a peace conference in
12 Hilariously Weird Stories About U.S. Presidents
Andrew Jackson crashed a ball with two prostitutes. When he was 18, Andrew Jackson -- then a hard-drinking layabout -- jokingly invited two prostitute
JFK nearly sunk his presidential campaign with a single golf ball. While campaigning for president, JFK attacked his opponent for being an out-of-touc
Harry Truman once threatened to break a music critic's nose. After Paul Hume, an editor for The Washington Post, wrote a scathing review of a show put
Jimmy Carter slew an entire audience with a single joke... or so he thought. APPLAUSE In 1981, Carter opened a speech to an audience of Japanese colle
While studying at Occidental College, Barack Obama had two poems published in the school's literary magazine. The first, Pop, is a touching piece ab


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