Welcome back to the weekly roundup of random oddities. Yet again, there’s a theme, and wouldn’t you know it, it collects things like Gnomeo & Juliet and one of BBC’s more controversial nude scenes. What could it be? Does it super matter? Probably not! But here’s some facts about a bunch of movies and films that if you squint are kinda sorted related to a general theme to a degree you could go “Y… Yeah? I guess. I think… what about Legend of Vox Machina.” That one’s a red herring to throw you off, don’t trust it

Guess the theme and win an odd hidden portrait and a small note dedicated to you, in the hopes of you finding it soon. (Or don’t guess the theme and then spend the rest of the day fuming about it, like when you can’t guess the word in Wordle. In that case, the note will be different.)

Iron Man

I am Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. improvised the film's ending line. Years later, an editor would come up with the idea to have it come back in Endgame. CRACKED.COM

Source: CNET

Lara Pulver in 'Sherlock'

CRACKED.COM Lara Pulver Pulver's reveal, nude, as Irene Adler in Sherlock (with all her bits hidden, and most not even uncovered during filming) caused the BBC to receive dozens of complaints. Pulver called the scene empowering. We call it the boring bit before she hits Sherlock Holmes with a riding crop.

Source: Broadcast


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