15 (Allegedly) Real Cases of Celebs and Private Investigators Crossing Paths

Stars and detectives are a natural match.
15 (Allegedly) Real Cases of Celebs and Private Investigators Crossing Paths

Detectives and celebrities. What is this, a crossover episode? Despite the fact that most times you see celebrities and detectives together it’s either an episode of Law & Order or the O. J. Simpson trial, there’s actually a long history of celebrities working with private detectives on all manner of investigations… although most often, it’s just the boring, normal things PIs are typically hired for. It turns out, even when working for the stars, life as a PI isn’t all that glamorous. 

After all, making movies doesn’t mean your life resembles one, does it? Stars are (as far as we know) never involved in, say, illegally transporting gold Krugerrands from South Africa under the cover of diplomatic immunity. No, they are just as petty as the rest of us – that’s what makes them relatable. Well, except for the “routinely hiring PIs” stuff. (Also, the millions of dollars. Mostly the millions of dollars, actually. But the PI thing is important, too.)

Here are some times celebrities have hired, been investigated by, or had close interactions with a private investigator (just like Sherlock Holmes, in that they’re probably addicted to drugs and need a roommate).

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

CELEBS & Pls JENNIFER LOPEZ After finding out about her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez' one time affair, J-Lo hired a PI to stalk him. That's love, right? CRACKED.COM

Source: Us Magazine

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

CELEBS & Pls AMBER & JOHNNY Amber Heard allegedly hired a PI to dig up dirt on Johnny Depp. Stalking a greasy-haired actor is at least kinda like some PI movies. CRACKED.COM

Source: Daily Mail

will.i.am’s car thief

CRACKED.COM CELEBS & Pls WILL.I.AM After getting his car stolen, will.i.am hired a PI to get it back because ACAB - and more importantly, PIGH (private investigators go hard). His car was found.

Source: Express

Jules Kroll, Father of Corporate Investigation

CRACKED.COM CELEBS& PIs JULES KROLL The billionaire father of Nick Kroll helped found the modern corporate investigation industry.

Source: Time

James Garner

CRACKED.COM CELEBS & Pls JAMES GARNER Garner was named Television's Most Famous Private Investigator by PI Magazine, the magazine of choice to read while stalking people surreptitiously.

Source: PRWeb

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