The further we discover the negative consequences of food manufacturing, the more anxious we get about nourishing ourselves.

It is now widely acknowledged that our eating has a significant environmental impact. Agriculture accounts for over 30% of global emissions, yet pesticides and herbicides used to grow our food are mostly to blame for environmental degradation devastation. But, in terms of environmental impact, which foods are the worst? Most of your favorite foods, at the risk of alarming you, are definitely among the worst!

In a system of mass manufacturing, the objective is to produce as much product as possible at the lowest possible cost. You might notice some cheap, plasticky manufacture in things like vehicles and toys, but when it comes to products we ingest, cutting corners can be downright nasty. Here are 15 facts related to food corporations.

Hope you get our main point! Keep reading below because this gonna be eye-opening for you, seriously…

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