17 Now-You-Know Food Facts To Chew On Today

17 Now-You-Know Food Facts To Chew On Today
Please enjoy this family-size bag of assorted facts! Feel free to share, but we know you'll probably consume them all yourself.

Much like ordering takeout, this list will leave you satiated, a little grossed out, but above all else: ready for a nap.

This is what cashews really look like. They're a seed, not a nut, and they grow on an evergreen tree. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM

Lots of candy is made of beetles and car wax. Cochineal is a gross little bug that's boiled for its red pigment. Car wax is shiny. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKE
Source: Wired

Strawberries aren't berries; bananas are. Strawberries are in the same family as apples, cherries, and roses. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM

Russia didn't classify beer as alcoholic until 2011. arnicy OOLE oolon Magna R Ramivoe KECR Anything under 10% ABV was a soft drink. NOW YOU KNOW CRAC
Source: BBC

Pizza Hut delivered to the ISS. The company paid the Russian space agency $1 million to deliver a salami pie. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM
Source: BBC
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