The food industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and you don't end up that way unless you know every trick in the book to keep people stuffing their pie holes with your gruel.

In our continuing effort to keep our readers from looking like complete dupes, keep your eyes peeled for things like ...

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CRACKED co Some manufacturers use pulp extenders to bulk up their tomato sauces and make them look shiny. The instant starch mimics tomato pulp texture, taste and mouthfeel when added to sauce. This allows manufacturers to save money and cut back on tomato paste by 25% while retaining visual appeal.

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17 Sneaky Industry Tricks To Make Food More Appealing

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Fast food is purposefully designed to overwhelm our taste buds, making a lot of it seem to taste the same. These meals leave no room for nuance and appeal to our sweet, salty, and bitter taste receptors all at once. This barrage of flavor triggers positive reactions in the brain

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