As we've shown you in the past, people really don't know jack about the delicious garbage they stuff into their pie holes every day. And the case is no different when it comes to the surprisingly rich history of food that's probably expiring in your home as you read this.

(Shout out to Brooklyned for the contest suggestion.)

Entry by Maclise

Banana trees are in fact giant herbs. Their trunks are made of tightened leaves, not wood. CRACKED COM

Entry by Maclise

CRACKED.COM ocan Cola The Coca-Cola bottle was designed with the instruction that it should be recognizable even if felt in the dark.

Entry by Ashebox

CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA: INDIAN CURRY DISH In reality the dish was created in Britain to suit the more Western palate CRACKEDCON

Entry by

CRACKED COM The hard shell taco is not a Mexican invention. This is a north of the border food made popular by Taco Bell.

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