30 Unoriginal Movie Cliches We’re Tired Of Seeing

Why do all futuristic villains love wearing white?
30 Unoriginal Movie Cliches We’re Tired Of Seeing

Have you ever seen something happen in a movie and went, “huh, I swear I've seen that like a million times before"? That's because you have. Hollywood loves reusing the same tropes, no matter how dumb they are, time and time again. Exhibit A: sexy aliens. What are the odds that a creature that shares absolutely no DNA with us would happen to be shaped in a way that would provoke us to smooch it? Pretty slim! And yet… every Star Trek alien. Exhibit B: fightin' fists. Sure, we sometimes see a dude shake out their hand after cracking another dude in the head. But the truth is, without the proper training – even with the proper training – most people very likely to make a fist incorrectly when it's punchin' time. Exhibit C: Captains Vs. Doctors. Why is it that captains are HEROES while doctors are EVIL MASTERMINDS? Hollywood, give us a nice doctor and an evil captain for once. Oh, and racist pirate tropes don't count!

Read on for 27 more exhibits:

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